Rich Text Editor Add Image function should include add file or drag and drop

Idea created by Kalli Binkowski on Sep 12, 2017
    • Kalli Binkowski

    Currently in the add image section, you can add from URL, Canvas, or Flicker.  Many times we have student grabbing a screenshot or they may already have an image saved on their computer.  Instructors often also have images ready to go on their own computer.  Right now they would have to back out of whatever editor they are in, go to files, and then go back in to the editor to add the image.  That is a lot of extra work for a simple function.


    Possible solutions:

    1. Add a tab for upload an image - that would follow the same format for uploading a file and would allow user to choose where in their files to save the image while at the same time adding it in the rich text editor.
    2. Allows drag and drop an image file into the rich text editor directly.
    3. Under canvas, add the option to add new file just like it appears in the link menus.