Dark theme to canvas instead of blinding white back ground.

Idea created by Darin Garcia on Sep 13, 2017
    Open for Voting

    So after using Canvas for just a couple weeks, I find that having it open and being a blinding white background is extremely rough on the eyes!!! I would think others have felt or do still feel this way. I have 3 monitors and I use all of them for reading info especially when doing homework. Having just one screen with blinding white background is a bit rough but when all 3 are solid white with small black text, its impossible to stay sitting looking at them for more than 5 or 10 minutes, makes getting work done in a timely manor very difficult.

    My suggested idea is to have a setting where we can change the back ground to a darker color, either of our choice(time consuming to code in) or just making it alternate to a medium grey(much less coding). It would make a WHOLE WORLD of difference when reading on screen and might save me from getting glasses in the near future!

    I personally don't know how this isn't already a thing, and would love to see it added in before, you know, I'm done with this semester? Which is more than likely going to be my last semester. So chop chop web site coders!