Twitter and Embedly- Embed Link Previews in Pages

Idea created by Tiffany Maglasang on Sep 15, 2017
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    Canvas already supports Youtube as an app, which is why we can embed iframes of youtube videos in pages on Canvas. However, I think it would be helpful if we could also embed Twitter Timelines (click here to get easy HTML code for specific tweets) and "embedly cards" (easy way to add a preview/iframe) into pages on Canvas as well. 


    Isn't the embedly card much more engaging than just using a hyperlink for external content you want your students to read, interact with, etc.? 
    ...Also, I'm pretty sure when I make content pages for my course it doesn't automatically do this: 
    Lady Gaga and the Life of Passion - The New York Times, which it did when I entered the above URL; this would be nice to have for the content pages. 


    Canvas Support told me that they do not currently support this custom HTML code that these websites create for sharing various content. But, if students can see a preview of a link embedded within the post, they are much more likely to click on the link and interact with the content.


    Example HTML Code for Embedding Youtube, Twitter, & Embedly:


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