Create sections within quizzes

Idea created by Matt McGinniss on Sep 19, 2017
    • Matt McGinniss

    Current Situation

    Right now, teachers can make quizzes with question groups, but not explicit sections on quizzes.



    For quizzes, tests, or any assessment, if teachers want to divide the quiz into sections and/or have different instructions/timings for different sets of questions, they have to make multiple quizzes with those desired sections. Making assessments in this manner is cumbersome for both teachers and students: teachers have to make multiple quizzes and consequently receive multiple scores for the same assessment; students have to navigate through several quizzes instead of one, possibly creating confusion that could result in less reliable assessments.



    I propose Canvas add an option to add sections to quizzes, where each section has its own Details (title, instructions, options) and Questions.


    Benefits for Teachers

    • This feature will simplify the assessment making process for any teacher that wants to give cumulative, comprehensive, and/or longer assessments (e.g., midterm exams, final exams, proficiency assessments, diagnostic assessments, standardized assessments) that require multiple sections.
    • Viewing the gradebook will be easier as teachers will have one consolidated score for the entire assessment as opposed to multiple scores.
    • With timing options available for each quiz section, teachers will be able to ensure that the students’ access to the materials is as the teacher desires (much like in-class assessments where a teacher can physically collect and distribute materials at certain timing points of an assessment), resulting in higher assessment reliability.
    • More benefits will derive from the desired complementary features in the comments section below.


    Benefits for Students

    • With just one assessment replacing multiple shorter ones, students will more efficiently take longer assessments and can focus more on the content of the assessment instead of the formats and locations of the shorter assessments.
    • Students will be able to quickly and easily view their one score instead of having to find, sort, and calculate multiple quiz scores.
    • More benefits will derive from the desired complementary features in the comments section below.


    Additionally, if the desired settings below (in the comments) are implemented, assessments and the results they yield would be more accessible.