Option to Disconnect Old Outcomes/Rubrics Before Content Import

Idea created by Timothy Kohl on Sep 25, 2017
    Open for Voting

    Canvas must make it possible for teachers to disconnect old outcomes and rubrics from imported content so they don't ever populate the Outcomes page or the Mastery Gradebook. 


    Many teachers have been using Canvas for years, so they have a lot of content to import each fall as they prepare for their courses.  School districts that are standards referenced, meaning teachers keep track of student learning and teacher success through the Mastery Gradebook, may run into rogue outcomes populating the Mastery Gradebook.   As districts edit/adapt Outcomes to meet the learning goals of new online resources, or a teacher changes from one grade/subject to another, a new set of outcomes has to be set up each year for those courses.  Teachers who set up their new outcomes have to deal with the old outcomes that are attached to rubrics in the content they import.  These unwanted outcomes populate the Outcomes page and the Mastery Gradebook making it a process to delete, a permission that many teachers may not have.  Before they recognize the mistake, teachers may assess the rogue outcome making it impossible to delete, and producing inaccurate data in the Mastery Gradebook. 


    If teachers are teaching the same outcomes from year to year, the import process can remain the same.  Canvas needs to create a way for teachers to unlink old Outcomes/Rubrics from imported content for those teachers who may have changed subjects, or have a new set of Outcomes to assess.


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