Dashboard Filter/Search Feature

Idea created by Brian Casimano on Oct 5, 2017
    Open for Voting

    Currently, users have the ability to either have a course on their dashboard or not have it on their dashboard by starring it or un-starring it via Courses>All Courses. However, over time the dashboard becomes cluttered with courses that a user deems relevant.


    I believe it would help many users to add a further level of organization to the dashboard by allowing users to filter or search their dashboard by various criteria. This would be achieved through the use of course tags and/or meta data.


    Instructors, teaching assistants, students, course designers, etc would be able to filter or search the course tiles on their dashboard by criteria such as:


    Semester, Course Prefix, Course Section, Course Site Role, Development Sites, Sub-Account, etc.


    Allowing users to do this would greatly increase their productivity and speed up their workflow.