Require URL Submissions to Come From Specific Website/Domain

Idea created by Alex Wolfe on Oct 10, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Alex Wolfe

    As a Computer Applications teacher, I have students turn in a lot of work online. Some of the tools I use, such as Blogger and Thimble have different URLs (and domains) for their public-facing links that can be turned in.


    On a non-trivial amount of times, I've had to comment back to students that they've either submitted their editor link or a preview link for Blogger or the editor link to their Thimble project.


    As an example, Blogger editor links will contain meanwhile public posts will be under a * subdomain and Thimble projects are edited on but published links are at


    I would like to see Canvas provide a way to restrict URL uploads to a particular website/domain in a way similar to how you can limit file uploads to be of a particular type.