Allowing "Non-Assignments" to Have Due Date

Idea created by Madison Dahl on Oct 11, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • Jamie Dinsmoor
    • Scott Halley
    • Christina Struyk-Bonn
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Ashley Davis
    • Madison Dahl

    Other platforms allow for a due date for non-graded assignments (such as lesson slides/decks or readings). This requires students to click on the reading or go through the slides for it to disappear from their "missing" assignments folder. Adding this feature to Canvas will allow for readings and slides to appear on a student's calendar and their missing work. 


    Including this feature will allow for students to employ effective methods, such as flipped classroom model, in the virtual setting. Furthermore, this would allow for a reading to be broken down in suggested reading chunks that will help students better budget their time.