Standards-Based Rubrics and Grade Book

Idea created by Paula Setser on Oct 16, 2017
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    We have multiple schools that have moved to Standards-based grading, and more on the way. I asked one of our teachers to explain their needs in Canvas.


    Our SBG Scale:

    We use 5 Mastery Levels that correspond to a number. They are M(Missing/Incomplete/0), 0.1 (Not Yet), 2 (Developing), 3 (Approaching Expectations), 4 (Meets Expectations), and 5 (Exceeds Expectations).

    We then average the student's summative mastery scores to determine their overall class grade. Our grading scale is as follows:

    A= 4.0-5.0






    We do not use percentages or points AT ALL. For instance, if a student scores a "4", it is NOT to be thought of as a 4/5--it is to be thought of simply as an indicator that a student has "met expectations", which is why the current set up of Canvas does not work--it's still communicating a fraction or percentage grade when using rubrics.


    Additionally, here is what we need from rubrics and assignments:


    When we give an assessment that has multiple outcomes, each of those outcomes gets reported SEPARATELY in the gradebook even if it is from only one paper, test, etc. For example, if I assign my students a research paper and assess three outcomes (Use of research, idea development, and thesis statement), then each of those three outcomes would appear in the gradebook as "Research Paper Outcome 1: Use of Research". "Research Paper Outcome 2: Idea Development" etc. So--we need a feature that allows us to either attach multiple rubrics to an assignment or quiz that would then get reported separately in the gradebook OR we would need a feature to create one rubric with each row getting reported separately in the grade book. We also need the rubrics not to calculate points but only indicate mastery levels.