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Hello everyone, 


I am getting ready to present some training on Inquiry-Based Learning to a group of teachers and administrators and am looking for a little bit of help.  The training I am planning will be presented in about 4-5 weeks online, so much more in-depth than a one-hour overview PD session.  I've worked with Inquiry-Based, Project-Based, and Problem-Based Learning in the past, but was hoping for some insight into the following:


1- Have you used Inquiry-Based Learning in your classes?  If so what has been your experience?  Are there things you wish you would have known before starting?  Was the outcomes you realized worth the effort it takes to change current practice? This could be from a teacher or administrator perspective.


2- Have you found any great resources (readings, activity ideas, support groups, etc.) that you could share?  There is a ton of information on the web, but if you have found something particularly helpful I would love to be able to pass this along.


There are some great resources in the Canvas Community for active learning, student-centered instruction, student engagement and differentiated learning.  I've enjoyed the following pages:

Let's talk student-centered learning in Canvas 

Inquiry- Based STEM in Canvas- Chad Bobb, Kaley Trump 

Differentiating Assignments (k-12) in Canvas: Helping All Learners Be Successful


While there is considerable overlaps in these type of topics, I am specifically focusing on Inquiry-Based, Project-Based, and Problem-Based learning for this training.  The group of individuals taking this course may or may not have access to Canvas in their own classrooms and likely will be teaching in a face-to-face or blended environment, so if you have suggestions related to Inquiry, Problem, or Project-Based Learning in Canvas I would love to hear about it, but I am hoping for more general information that would apply to those first getting started with these teaching techniques.


Thanks in advance!