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SIS generated courses... with sections that have SIS ID's too?

Question asked by Adam Craik on Nov 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Adam Craik

Hi all


Our courses are generated and populated (with staff and students) via our automated SIS integration, which runs daily. So if "Course A" is added to the SIS and populated with staff and students, "Course A" will then appear the next day in Canvas, with the staff and students automatically enrolled in a single course section. That section will have a name (also "Course A"), but it will not have it's own SIS ID.


It's the last bit that is troubling me - I would expect sections need SIS ID's, otherwise if this "Course A" section was cross-listed into "Course B", how could this section remain linked to the SIS enrollment data (in case of any late enrollments)?


So my question is, if you have a SIS integration that generates and populates your Canvas courses, do your sections also get SIS IDs as part of this integration?


Many thanks for anyone that can chip in here