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Best way to handle Canvas integration when migrating Mediasite content to a different host?

Question asked by Brandon Utech on Jun 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by Brandon Utech

Our university is migrating our Mediasite installation from a vendor-hosted environment to an on-premise environment. While in the hosted environment, we set up the external app to allow instructors to connect to MyMediasite and to link to/embed Mediasite content. Now that we're moving to a new hosting environment, we need to modify the tool and the existing content in Canvas, but I cannot figure out a way to a) change the links to point to the new Mediasite domain, and b) modify the tool to point to the new domain (I can edit the existing tool settings, but it doesn't appear to functionally change anything).


Has anyone attempted something like this? I haven't been able to arrive at a solution that won't break the existing content or require our large user base to update hundreds (thousands?) of pieces of content.


Life would have been so much easier if the tool would just link directly to the content instead of running it through the "external_tools/retrieve" stuff. Is there a way to do a massive find-and-replace on all of our content?


-- Brandon Utech, Instructional Media Administrator, Kansas State University