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Dropping low assignment score

Question asked by Phillip Barry on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by Phillip Barry

I am trying to drop a low homework assignment in my gradebook. I have  a number of homework assignments. Each homework has a different point total, but for each students I want to drop the one where the student has the lowest percentage score, and then have the other homework assignments all have the same weight.

HW 1: max points = 100
HW 2: max points = 50
HW 3: max points = 100

If a student got 90/100 on HW1, 50/50 on HW2, and 60/100 on HW3, then I want to drop HW3 since it has the lowest percentage score, and have HW1 and HW2 both contributing the same amount to the student's final score (i.e., not have HW1 contribute twice as much even though its max points amount is twice HW2's).


I know I can put all of the homework scores into an assignment group, and then dropping the low score will drop the one that contributes the least to the student's score. But putting items in a group weights them based on max point total; how can I get the remaining assignments to be weighted all the same?