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Canvas quizzes: option not to fill in a blank on a "Fill in multiple blanks" question?

Question asked by mdcohn on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by mdcohn

I'm working on a quiz where some questions might have, say, up to two answers. For example, the student might be asked, "Give the number(s) for the rule(s) governing this use case." If there are two answers, we'd want them both; if there is just one, we would want just that one, and penalize them for giving an additional, irrelevant answer. What do folks think is the best way to do this?


One thought I had would be to use "fill in multiple blanks" questions. For questions that have two answers, there would be two blanks and two answers. For questions that have just one, I'd like to instruct them to leave the second blank empty. But this doesn't seem to be an option--a blank has to have an answer associated with it.


I suppose I could tell them to write "None" or something if there is no second answer. But I wanted to find whether there was another solution?