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Can folders/files have more granular access control?

Question asked by watsonnk on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by watsonnk

I have the following scenario:

  • We want to open up some courses to all students in the university, so they have 'institution' visibilty in Course Settings.  (Students should be able to see course content even if not taking it for credit.)
  • We would like to restrict some parts to students who are registered to take the course for credit, e.g. assessed work, problem sheets (solutions), etc.
  • The only way of controlling this that I've used in the past, except for splitting the course into two, seems to be a workaround solution of putting this material into files with restricted access, and using e.g. an announcement or differentiated assignment to disclose the links to this material, as suggested in Restrict Student Access by Stefanie Sanders and Kona Jones.

Just wondered if there was a more natural way of achieving this, given that with institution-wide access to the course, anyone with the link would be able to see the material in question, so with our use case this would be equivalent to  'security by obscurity'.


Is there be any way of mirroring the course-level access control on a per folder/file level, or restricting access to file/folder/module by Sections within a course, which would allow us to achieve a similar outcome?


Thanks in advance!

      Nigel W.