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Random Variable Each Time Quiz is Taken

Question asked by Erik Hofmeister on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by Erik Hofmeister

Hello, I would like to create a quiz with a random variable (e.g. weight) so that each time the students take it, they have a different weight they need to use to do calculations.  They are calculating drug dosages and I want them to have numerous opportunities to practice.  I could make 100+ questions, but that seems inefficient.  I thought that this was the whole purpose of using an equation question.  However, when I make an equation question using a variable [x], each time I take the quiz using the Preview function, the same weight appears.  I even tried substituting the rand() function for x, and had the same error.  Is there a way to randomly generate a new value for a variable each time a student accesses a quiz?  Thank you!


Quiz is an example using rand(), Quiz2 is an example of the original way I formulated the equation.