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Maximizing Canvas

Question asked by Alfredo Alcantar on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by Alfredo Alcantar

I'm using Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing as a tool for students to interact on projects. I've set up a few rooms for them to use but would like to find a way to utilize Canvas to help schedule time slots. My first thought was to create an editable Page with a table (name/date/time...) where students can claim their date/time. One concern is with students potentially removing content or deleting the table all together. I understand that restoring the content using the Page History functionality would solve that, but it's an added step I'd like not to worry about. Also, when editing in Student View, I was able to access the Files repository via the Page Tools--an area I would rather students not have access to that area.


My question: Is there a tool, LIT or method that I'm over looking within Canvas that will make scheduling a much smoother process? If creating an editable Page is the only way, then I can make it work. Appreciate the feedback.