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How can I create groups that I can sort the Gradebook and SpeedGrader by?

Question asked by Beck Hasti on Apr 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2019 by Gerald Q. Maguire

I've got ~300 students this semester (next semester I'll have ~500) and 5 TAs. I want to divide the students into 5 grading groups which will rotate among the TAs over the course of the semester (i.e., each assignment a TA is responsible for one of the grading groups). I'd like to be able to create those 5 groups within Canvas and have TAs be able to select their group in the Gradebook (or Speedgrader) for quicker access to the students they are responsible for as well as to make it really easy (for them and me) to see which students still need grades within a particular TA's group.


I could do this very easily in D2L. How can I do this in Canvas?


If I can't do this in Canvas, what do you suggest as a reasonable work-around?