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Report of when all students in a class completed a quiz or assignment

Question asked by Linnea Thompson on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by Linnea Thompson

One of the things my school is looking at is trying to see which behaviors earlier in the term were predictive of student success so we can use them as early warning signs next term, and one of the first things we wanted to look at was whether students completed the various course orientation/"welcome" assignments in their classes right away or not as a possible indicator of future success. 


However, I can't see to find a way to get this data that doesn't involve going through each assignment student-by-student. I'd ideally like a spreadsheet with student name, date the assignment was submitted, and their score, but I'd settle for just about anything that had the whole class on one page. (Right now I'm having to go through SpeedGrader student-by-student to find out when they submitted their assignment, which is really tedious.)


Any thoughts?