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Migrating from Moodle to Canvas...

Discussion created by Tony Sales on May 25, 2018
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<sulking>"Hi, we are currently in the process of migrating some courses to Canvas from Moodle and am finding some of the features of Canvas frustrating/confusing. These include not having a grid view option inside a course for the modules, the inability to edit/add images to the module listings or view them on separate pages and numerous frustrations with the content editor i.e. can't maximise the view so anything wider than the small window is wrapped onto the line below making it very difficult to arrange content. No ability to pad images (although you can pad tables), images wider than a certain size are automatically resized to fit in the page, but don't expand along with the text if you hide the navigation menu etc. In the file manager I am able to upload files in bulk, but I cannot select multiple files to delete (unless I want to delete a whole folder). I am also a little surprised at how different the experience in the app is from the full browser experience although it seems to work OK on phones and tablets through a normal browser. Are there any way to get around these limitations - or are they features which might be added in future? 


So far I have resorted to making  a grid view content page using images I have pre-padded, but I am struggling to replicate the layout of course documents originally created using the Moodle content editor, and don't really want to have to re-design the layout/format of all of the materials. Any tips or advice on migrating Moodle course greatly appreciated - I am starting to think we may have to re-think our course design and layouts etc to fit in with the limitations of Canvas... "</sulking>


<silver_lining>"P.S. The content management manager does seem to be an improvement on Moodle - making it much easier to add links to other pages or files etc already contained in the course - so every cloud has a silver lining... "</silver_lining>


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