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New Course/People Search

Question asked by Kate Burkes on May 31, 2018
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I was initially excited when the new course/people search came out.  It IS better than the old one.  But the People search in particular is very wonky -- half the time it can't find the user without repeated tries.


For example, this morning I am searching for students by their ID number.  It displays several incorrect lists of students before finally displaying just the one I am looking for.  This takes several tries of me adding the number, hitting enter, and generally waiting around for it to give me the correct one.


Is anyone else having this issue?  We are a medium sized college with a healthy number of users in the DB, but I need to be able to search more efficiently thru the records.  Maybe there needs to be more parameters to choose from other than just by role to cut down on the number of fields that have to be searched?  Is there any roadmap to improve this function?