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Dynamic or random assignment of students to group discussions, and capping size of group discussions:

Question asked by Richard Cheeks on May 7, 2018
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I have a senior seminar, and am using Canvas for the first time. Each week I have multiple discussion topics, from which each student must select 3. I would like to do two things with these discussions:

  1. For the discussions, I would like to establish several discussion groups for each section of the seminar, say 4 to 6 groups depending on the enrollment level.
    1. The purpose is to allow students to interact in these discussion in smaller subsets of the full class, and then I can use this to direct questions during in-class time.
    2. Does this requires one set of the discussion questions for each such group?
    3. If it does, how can a set of questions be duplicated and assigned to a new group?
    4. This would not apply for week 1 discussions, but for week 2 through week 14.
    5. When a discussion is release or made available, do the students receive a notification based on their membership in the applicable group for the discussion?
    6. If there are multiple discussions released simultaneously, does the student receive one notification for each new discussion, or one notification for all that are being released?
    7. For each discussion group, I want the discussion to flow as follows:
    8. Each group member expresses their view on the question
    9. Then with debate between the group members, to establish a consensus position on the question:
      1. If all agree with the outcome of the debate, then they need a spokesperson for that conclusion in class, and
      2. If there is a split decision, they need to define:
        1. A majority position with a spokesperson, and
        2. A minority position with a spokesperson.
  2. I would like all submitted questions to have comment, so I would like to limit the number of groups that can address any specific question
    1. If there are 4 groups and 6 questions, each group needing 3 questions, then no more than 2 groups may address each question
    2. If there are 5 groups and 6 questions, max number of groups in 1 question is 3
    3. If there are 4 groups and 5 questions, 3 groups max
    4. However, I don’t want to be designating which questions a group may address, I want some mechanism to simply close a discussion when the maximum number of groups begin a discussion.


My question is how do I get this done within Canvas?