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How to prevent single students to submit to group assignment

Question asked by Giampiero Salvi on May 27, 2018
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I created group assignments with peer review quite successfully, at least for all the students who read my instructions and become members of one of the groups before they submit. However, there is always a percentage of students who do not read the instructions and submit their work without being member of a group, and usually submit the same report once for every author. This is causing us a lot of extra manual work. Why is this allowed? Can it be prevented? I was expecting students who are not members of a group to get an error when they try to submit to a group assignment.


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assignment: "Project Draft"

group set: "Project Group"

predefined groups in the group set: "Project Group 1", "Project Group 2", ...

According to the instructions, the assignment is defined as a group assignment and is linked to the "Project Group" group set. Students who become members of the corresponding groups can correctly submit as a group (and are treated as groups when the peer review assignment is generated). However, single students who are not members of any groups are also allowed to submit.