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Custom Grading Scheme

Question asked by Michael Porterfield on May 9, 2018
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Hi everyone, hope everyone is well! One of our colleges uses two custom grading scales and it is not working with the Canvas default grading scheme. 


The first grading scale I want to build goes like this: A=95-100%; A-=93-94%; B+=91-92% and so on. The Canvas default grading scheme goes like this: A=94-100%; A-=90-94%; B+=87-90% and so on. 


The second grading scale I want to construct goes like this: A=95-100%; A-=93-94.9%; B+=91-92.9% and so on. 


The default grading scheme for Canvas has set the lowest percentage for an A as 94% and the highest percentage of an A- as 94%. Or in other words, it is like this: A=100 % to 94.0%; A-=< 94.0 % to 90.0%; B+=< 90.0 % to 87.0% and so on. 


My question is, can this be changed so that I can construct these two custom grading schemes (an A=95-100%; A-=93-94% and so on or A=95-100%; A-=93-94.9% and so on)?   


Any help will be appreciated. Thank you, Michael