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Can I sync/"push out" only certain parts from a blueprint course?

Question asked by Steven Sproles on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2018 by M Gulick

I have a quick question about the blueprint/sync feature.  I have a teacher role in our master copy for our economics & personal finance course.  I am making edits to content (modules) sort of 'as we go' - kind of a long story, but it's a HUGE course (160 lessons in 16 big 'Modules'; each lesson has 5 component parts).  


My master copy course is the 'blueprint' and last night I made a number of edits and synced (pushed them out to our other teachers).  What I would like to know/"be able to do" is NOT change/update other teachers' course home page (or other personalized info) when I sync - *only* sync/update the changes in Modules.  Hoping that makes sense - is this possible?  :)