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Auto-Responses for Submitted Assignments

Discussion created by Molly Caldera on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by Molly Caldera

An instructor brought an idea to me today--she wanted to be able to send an auto-reply to students when they submit an assignment as a way to 1. assure them the assignment was successfully submitted, and 2. to include details about the average turnaround time. So for this instructor, the message would go something like this: 


Success! Your assignment, "Environmentalism vs. Environmental Science" was submitted at 9:04pm. 

Typically I am able to grade assignments within 24-36 hours after the initial submission. Thank you for being patient while I provide detailed feedback. Once your grade is entered, you should receive a notification. Check your notification settings to be sure you will be notified in a timely manner. 


Has anyone else had this thought, or suggestion by faculty? It seemed like an interesting idea, so I thought it best to bring it to the community.