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Saving time teaching online

Discussion created by Eric Werth Champion on Jun 26, 2018
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Hello everyone, 


I teach a course on developing/facilitating online classes and have a question I wanted to pose based on one of our class discussion topics.  For those who teach online, how have you found ways to save time on various teaching tasks so you can spend this instead on engaging and connecting with students?


This topic has come up in a couple of blogs before (see Canvas Tips to Save Teachers Time and Time-Saving Tips: Stop Repeating Yourself (CanvasLIVE Session)), but it would be great to see what else folks have come up with!


My hope is to hear if there are Canvas tools, outside apps, or general teaching techniques you have found which could help others. Here are a couple I have used with success:

  • On a topic about student/learner characteristics, I have class participants draw a picture and post this instead of providing a written response as I can grade the images more quickly than papers (and it is more engaging!).
  • When teaching math classes and a student has a question about a concept, I will make a recording of solving a problem with Explain Everything, upload it to YouTube, and then post it in Canvas for the entire class to review.


I look forward to learning what others have found to be beneficial to their teaching . . . thanks in advance!