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Environments for LTI configuration - via API calls?

Question asked by Carol Shergold on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2018 by J B

I've created a Turnitin LTI tool for my canvas site via a post to the external tools API 


We have an account on the Sandbox Turnitin system that we want to point at from our beta and test Canvas environments.


I've seen from documentation that it's possible to specify different URLs for different environments for external tools via the Extended Tool configurations documented at

Importing Extended Tool Configurations - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 


and this is discussed in a recent post here:

Question about environments in LTI configuration 


My question is - can I define a different URL for our test and beta environment via a call to the external tool API, or do I have to do it via XML as in the documents cited above?


Many thanks for any pointers on how to do this