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Embedding Assignment dates in the Rich Content Editor

Question asked by Jared Oxborrow on Jul 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by James Jones

Hello Everyone, 


I am helping instructors set up courses in Canvas and several of them are used to manually adding assignment dates to their content pages and updating them every semester. Since this is a common thing to do and seems like a fairly reasonable desire I wondered if there was a way to just embed a link to the assignment due date from the rich content area. 


This is not a built in feature I know, but based on my limited knowledge knowledge of coding this should not be a difficult task. We can already link to an assignment easily. And within an given assignment there are variables that hold dates, point values, and all that information. If there was a way to just access one of those variables from the content area that would save the trouble of scouring your course every semester to make sure you have updated all the assignment dates. 


Does anyone with more programming knowledge know how to do this? 


Would you consider this worthy of becoming a feature? (It would definitely be in line with Canvas's theme of being integrated and low maintenance.)