Kunal Ashar

Too many Canvas admins - suggestions?

Discussion created by Kunal Ashar on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by Melinda Yerdon

Hi Canvas community (especially admins),

Our Canvas instance has 26 global admins (of 200+ employees), making it *seem* like an abnormally large number (>13% of our employees are Canvas admins!). Of these, most are non-technical people who simply need default access to each and every course to monitor what's happening in there, and are not really administering Canvas. To me, it seems like this could invite accidental trouble if one of them accidentally does something catastrophic.


Question 1: Is the number of global admins too big?
Question 2: If yes, what would/should be an ideal number of admins?
Question 3: Is there an alternative to making some of these global admins into "observer admins"? (they can't make any changes, but they can observe every course)

Question 4: Are there any best practices or suggestions on how this can be managed?


Thanks in advance.