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Muting Assignments and Grade change notifications.  "What if" for instructors would eliminate the need for this question.

Question asked by Mr. Alan Parman on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by Mr. Alan Parman


1. Will multiple grade change notifications be sent for multiple changes to an assignment grade while it was muted? 

2. Will any notification be sent upon unmuting if the grade was changed back to blank prior to unmuting?




I know that students don't get grade notifications on a muted assignment until it is unmuted.


==> But what happens if I mute an assignment, change some grades, but then change them back to blank - will the students get a grade change notification that their grade was entered, then get another notification that their grade was removed - after I unmute the assignment?


The reason I am doing this is because instructors have no "what if" option in the gradebook.  I would like to be able to use that option for a number of valid reasons which many others have raised - mostly to see the affect on grades of the last assignments in a semester (both students and myself want to know - "can I pass the course"!)


==> So will this situation*** (below) give the students grade change notifications?


***mute some assignments - enter hypothetical grades - see how they affect the student's grade - change those grades back to blank - unmute those assignments ***



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