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How are students in a group discussion, using the Mobile App, able to post to the main discussion?

Question asked by Nancy Webb on Aug 24, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by Nancy Webb

Could somebody confirm that if the  "Let students organize their own groups" option is on in course settings, that students will be able to post to the main discussion as well as their teacher-created group discussion? Perhaps only using a mobile app.


Normally, when students open a group discussion they are automatically redirected to the discussion in their group's workspace.  They can't see posts in the discussion in the course itself. Apparently if a mobile app is used and students can organize their own groups, they can also post to the main discussion area in the course. It doesn't seem right that they can do that.  (2 students had already posted to their group discussion, then they were able to post in the main course discussion area. In both cases a mobile app was used.)