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Customizing Add People Dialog with Custom Javascript

Question asked by tr_jbates on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2020 by Kyle Lawlor

Instructure made significant changes to the Add People dialog in the last release, and our existing script for customizing the contents of that dialog no longer works.  I was able to adapt my existing code to the new dialog, but the changes don't "stick".  Clicking the "Start Over" button in the dialog resets it back to stock, and so does closing and reopening it.


My questions are:  What is the proper way to customize the text in the new Add People dialog in a course?  It seems to be using React, so is there a way to tie into the objects rather than traversing the DOM?


FYI, these are the customizations we're making:

  • Remove "Email Address" as an option altogether, since we only want users to be added via Login ID and SIS ID.
  • Set the default option to "SIS ID", and possibly reorder the options
  • Change "Login ID" and "SIS ID" text to conform with our institutional equivalents.