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Question asked by jiaqi ni on Sep 4, 2018
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Could you please help me find the following required reading and attach them as PDF version? Because I am not able to get the required reading from my school, the eReserves' issues about my school is still not solve yet. I will be so happy and appreciated about this if someone help me find them. I want to complete my write assignment/essay on time, English is my second language, so I need more and more time. Thanks for understanding:)


Please do not give me the suggestion like “contact eLearning Services at my institution”, I already contacted eLearning Services at my institution before, and they are not able to help me solve this issue, they just cannot!!!!!! Please do not give me the suggestion like “contact information something like e-Learning Services | Lewis-Clark State”, because I am no longer a student for Lewis-Clark State College. I am right not studying at TCSPP. Please just help me find the articles and attach them as PDF version. That’s all I need! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


The following reading (the first one is more important for this week's reading):

Leonard, A.  (2009). The viable systems model and its application to complex organizations. Systemic Practice and Action Research, 22, 223-233.

Jaques, E.  (1986).  The development of intellectual capability:  A discussion of stratified systems theory.  The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 22, 361-383.


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