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Two feature questions

Question asked by Robin Leslee Gill on Sep 10, 2018
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Are either of these scenarios presently possible in canvas?


 I have two features that would be helpful in courses:

  1. For discussions, I always require students to post twice a week or more – once as an original post to the prompt and then reply to at least one peer. The problem arises with setting the due date for grading. Let’s say their original post is due by Friday and their response to a peer is due by Sunday. You can only select one due date and students get very confused for the first 3 weeks of the class it seems.
  2. A way to schedule in the future when a page publishes. For example, I have a weekly page for every course I have. I don’t normally publish the page until Monday for the new week; however, I set a reminder for myself to go in and manually publish each page separately on Monday. If I were able to update the page and then set a date and time for it to go live and be the homepage, it would be helpful.

Thoughts; ideas. Should this be submitted as an enhancement suggestion?