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Student Likes To-Do List: The Way it Used to Be...

Discussion created by Timothy Lampley Champion on Sep 4, 2018
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Greetings Fellow Canvasphiles!


We received a request from one of our students regarding the new To-Do Lists in Canvas.  I encouraged the student to make an inquiry here at the Community.  However, I thought I'd do a little "recon" to see if how this perspective would be received.  The student has offered to provide screenshots, but I will wait to post their name until I receive some acknowledgement from them.


Here it is:


I was given your email address so I could let you know a problem I am having with canvas. For years I have relied on the TO DO list on the right-hand upper side of the page. It actually told me what I have to do and when it was due. The only problem I had was when instructors had a discussion board assignment that was actually due on Thursday and then replies due on Sunday the instructor would say it was due Sunday. Not your fault the instructors should be more clear on when their assignments are due.


What has happened this semester? The TO DO list has assignments that I have already done still in the list. If I delete them (little X in the top right corner) they magically reappear. Assignments that were due the first week are popping up. Are all my instuctors messing up their posts? Some of them have used Canvas for years.


Was there a major change in Canvas over the summer? If so I plead with you to roll it back and take a look at the results of this "upgrade". Without this feature working properly, I will have to work much harder to get any use from Canvas. This is not the LMS you want.


Thank you for your time, Feel free to contact me for screenshots, etc.


So let's start a conversation...what say you?