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notification emails for deleted items

Question asked by on Sep 18, 2018
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Hello! I am having issues with notifications in that too many notifications sent to students regarding any activities created or removed on the LMS.


Recently, I have created an online assignment with due date and noticed the information was incorrect so I deleted the entire assignment and recreated one. The students were notified for due date on assignment even when the assignment/posting have been removed. It is extremely confusing to students as the reminder email was sent to notify them for due date of the assignment that has already removed. Canvas seems to sent out all types of activities to students including works in progress or works being deleted.


I do not know what I can do to fix the notification issues as it is the default set by Canvas. Also, you do not have control on how and what students receive from Canvas. Please let me know if there is a trick that I have missed.


Many thanks!