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See submission dates and comments for an assignment for a whole class on one page?

Question asked by Linnea Thompson on Sep 12, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2018 by Kona Jones

Is there an easy way to see a report that includes both when each student submitted an assignment and all submission comments for that assignment on a single page for each class?


I have to track that I have two "back and forth interactions on different days" with each of my students each week due to my state's attendance rules, and right now I'm doing it with two weekly "attendance tracking" assignments where they set goals and then reflect on their week. They can complete the assignments by submitting a text entry that I respond to, but I also mark them complete if we had some other interaction (such as coming to my in-person office hours or sending me a question about the class using Canvas Messages).


However, I'm running into an issue where there is no streamlined way to confirm that their second submission is on a different school day than their first submission. (I have it set up where they can't submit the second one until I've scored the first one using Module Requirements to keep them from turning them both in at once, but that doesn't keep them from doing one in the morning before I grade and one that evening.) I have to track this by hand, and the only view I can find that has their both submission time and the submission comments (which is where I document the date and nature of the interaction if it wasn't through the assignment) is in SpeedGrader, which means I have to switch to each student in the previous assignment whenever I grade the second one for them. (They can do any two days during the school week, so I can't solve this problem by having the assignments available only on non-overlapping days.)


I'm looking for some way to have the entire class's submission dates and submission comments for the "goals" assignment up on one monitor while I grade the "reflections" assignment on my other monitor, basically.


Any ideas?