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How do I organize multiple Item Banks in Quizzes.Next?

Question asked by Tim Van Norman on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2018 by Kevin Dougherty

How do I create a Quizzes.Next quiz where I can have random questions from within a Item Bank but using multiple banks create groups of questions, like I have done in Quizzes?


Often I will setup quizzes where I want to have questions by topics or types of question such as:

Multiple Choice - 5 questions of 10 in item bank

True False - 2 questions of 10 in item bank

Categorization - 2 questions of 4 in item bank

Matching - 1 question of 2 in item bank

Essay - 2 questions of 4 in item bank


I would like them to show up for the students in this order.  I have setup Item Banks for each of these types and would like to pull a number of questions out of the Item bank.


This could be done by topic instead of question type.


In Quizzes, I used to create the Banks, and when I pulled them in, Canvas would keep the Banks in order, allowing me to keep questions together.