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Does Quizz feedback allow for rendering equations?

Question asked by Niels Smits on Sep 27, 2018
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I am an assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam. We recently (August 2018) moved from Blackboard to Canvas. In Blackboard we used weekly tests to monitor our students on their statistics skills. We migrated our item banks from Blackboard to Canvas and questions work mostly okay, except for displaying "rich" material in the feedback environments: equations and tables are not shown correctly and plots are simply not shown. This is rather disastrous for our courses because our didactic plan dictates that students should receive extensive feedback (for stats meaning calculations with both equations and numbers). When looking in further detail into the html that Canvas renders in the feedback environment, it seems as if the original html code gets messed up.


My question is: "Is it possible to include rich material in the feedback environment?".


As an aside: I did some extensive testing in January in our test-version of Canvas. As I recall then and there everything (including feedback) seemed to work fine. But since all test-content was deleted by my institution I cannot tell for sure. So it may be a local issue or a general Canvas-thing.


Looking forward to answer!


Niels Smits