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Canvas rubric dropdown comments have changed??

Question asked by Robert Lapkass on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2018 by Stefanie Sanders

Have the stored dropdown comments available in Canvas free-form rubric changed suddenly?? (and for the much worse). Literally overnight, from Friday evening to Saturday morning, the look and feel of these comments changed, but also the stored comments can no longer reliably be used anymore. If I select a comment, it's kind of hit-or-miss whether it will actually get saved for a particular rubric item.


I'm finding this has literally doubled or tripled my grading effort on current assignments, from having to go back and forth to save and re-save rubric entries. 


Curious if others have also observed this in recent days?? I've reported this bug to Canvas, but no indication as to when a fix might be available. It's a real hindrance, I hope it can get addressed quickly. A useful feature has gotten rendered almost useless.