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Quizzes.Next: Question Banks & Question Groups

Question asked by Md Niaz Morshed on Oct 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2020 by robert hollenbaugh

I have a couple of issues with Quizzes.Next. 


A) Say, I have question banks and I made a Quiz taking questions from that question Banks. Then I migrated the Quiz to Quizzes.Next. 

My Issues: 

  1. I can see the quiz in Quizzes.Next but I can’t see the question bank.
  2. The bank is not migrated.


B) A quiz is built by randomly taking questions from Question Groups. Then it is migrated to Quizzes.Next.

My Issues: 

  1. Migrated Quizzes.Next does not show anything.
  2. I does not show the quiz itself; not a single questions even.
  3. It does not migrate the groups even.
  4. It is name them wrong like Group 1, Group 2,….; not original names of the Groups like ‘Female Anatomy’, ‘Gender’ etc.