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Why is it so difficult/cumbersome to give an assignment to all groups within a group set?

Question asked by Pål Falnes on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by Ken Black

In my course, the students are working in two-person teams ("groups") , and all teams are put into one out of two large groups ("group sets"). I want to give a specific assignment only to the students in one of the two group sets, and they should submit one assignment per group. According to the Canvas interface this should be straightforward, i.e. by ticking "This a group assignment" box and then selecting the appropriate group set. However, this does not work as expected, since no filter appears to have been applied upon choosing the given group set, and I have to individually and manually pick all the groups within the group set. If I pick the option "Everyone" the assignment will be given to the entire course (which is obviously not what I want), and which is counterintuitive, since I (at least thought I) limited the assignment only to one group set.  Is this how Canvas should work (or have I overlooked something)?