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Any Progress with Canvas Associating Groups to Specific Courses?

Question asked by Michael Maguire on Sep 23, 2018
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As an instructor using Canvas for four 3-credit courses per-semester, it remains inconvenient that Canvas has not provided the capacity to associate student Groups with specific courses only.  I continue to venture into, "GroupLand," which complicates (unnecessarily, in my opinion)  Group management.  To wit:

  • For my course-specific groups in a community-engaged learning course, Groups need to respond to weekly Discussion prompts, some of which will include documents/files for review that are specific to that Discussion prompt.  If the Group functions were course-specific, I could simply embed the link to the course-specific documents/files that are germane to that week's Discussion, in that specific course.  Instead, and because I'm in Canvas's "GroupLand," I have to upload the files to some Group domain, separate from the Course that hosts the files.
  • I still haven't figured out Canvas's approach to Groups.  If anyone teaching multiple courses out there is using Groups across courses, I'd appreciate having you share how that works.  My student Groups are all course-specific, so it is not relevant for me to always end up in "GroupLand."

I'm open to the possibility (probability?) that I'm missing something basic, and this inefficiency can be countered by a simpler approach.  If so, do share