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Export of Inline Feedback/Annotations

Question asked by Andrew Jenkins on Oct 25, 2018
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The feedback preview window needs to be revisited.  Students attempt to view inline comments/feedback on mobile devices (even though I tell them not to), and the things with most learning value for student writers are nigh impossible to see.  How difficult would it be to create a snapshot of the graded document with inline comments overlaid and offer that as a download option?  My students are very frustrated with the current visual presentation and my insistence that feedback is best at point-of-need--where the issue (or good thing!) is happening in their paragraphs, sentences, essays.


Can inline feedback be presented in a larger visual format than the tiny "View Feedback" window, and can it be exported?  Can Canvas, in rendering various file formats for presentation in SpeedGrader, re-render the resulting graded (and inline-commented-on document) so that it can be viewed as a common image file?viewcomments