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Student Self-Grading for Variable Credit?

Discussion created by Danielle Casey on Oct 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2018 by Gregory Beyrer

One of our music teachers is looking for a way to let his students grade themselves in Canvas on some assignments, but with an important caveat: he wants that to be the end of it. No manual input, no sifting through essay questions and typing in scores, just students grading themselves. Is there currently any way to do this?


For reference, the 'solutions' I've found so far really aren't solutions for us. We looked at graded surveys as an option, but that doesn't allow students to get anything but full credit (and they do select less than full credit regularly). With a quiz, we could use an essay question asking how many points out of the total they feel they earned, but that still requires instructor input, which is no less work than the way he's doing it now. In my perusing I found a wonderful post on Gradebook Declarations, but sadly, that also doesn't work for us.


The last thing I dreamed up was a quiz in which students 'built' their scores by answering a series of "Did you do this?" "Did you do that?" type questions, but the assignments aren't set up that way. (And our instructor is just as mindful of adding extra hassle for his students as he is for himself when a single, numerical answer is sufficient.)


So, to reiterate, does anyone know of a work around or some piece of Canvas I just haven't thought of that would work for this? (Note: We are not using Quizzes.Next!)