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Inability to edit an item bank someone else created: bug or feature?

Question asked by Katie Venit on Aug 8, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2018 by Katie Venit

Will the ability to edit an item bank someone else creates eventually become available? Or is it a permanent feature that item banks are tied to a person? I have actually lost sleep over this. 


Use case: I'm one of 4 IDs on my team. We share courses. If I create a course with a test that has random questions (necessitating the use of the item banks), then no one else can edit those questions. So if an instructor contacts us because s/he found a wrong answer on the final exam for a test that was created 3 years ago, unless we know who created that exam, neither we nor the instructor could edit the exam. 

Or, if there's nothing wrong with the exam, but the assessment changes and additional questions need to be added to the exam, some sections might have been created by one person and other sections by another person. Chaos! 


I'm new to Canvas, so it's possible I'm misunderstanding item banks, but my coworker and I experimented on Monday and she couldn't access my questions. Is there some sort of permission setting we can get administration to grant us that would allow us to edit someone else's item banks?