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Inter-Group (Between-Groups) Peer Review for Group Assignments in Canvas

Question asked by D S on Nov 2, 2018
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New to Canvas. Searched the forum but could not quite find a solution (there is a discussion at Peer Review and Group Assignments but no real solution). 


What I need is peer review between groups (i.e., "inter-group peer review" or "between-groups peer review"). Each group should be assigned a particular number, say 3, of other groups to review.


For example, group 1 may review group 25, group 31 and group 43. Group 2 may review group 1, group 17 and group 23. Etc.


This is for a large university course, so I am looking for an automatic not manual allocation. The allocation could go to either the submitting student of each group or to all group members (but then each student in the group needs to get the same three assignments allocated) – I could organise around either option.

I have set up peer review for a group assignment, assuming this is what Canvas would to (allocate between-group peer reviews). However, what Canvas does (in contrast to Moodle) is to assign three group assignments to each student, not each group. This means a group of 5 students has now 15 group assignment to review, instead of 3 group assignment to review.

Can between-group peer review be done (i.e., peer review on group level instead of individual level)? 

Or if not, will this be implemented? Are there external tools available that work with Canvas?

Thank you for any pointers!