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Connecting Zoom & Canvas - workaround for SSO/Email not matching?

Question asked by Adrienne Gauthier on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by Adrienne Gauthier

hi everyone!

Second Zoom/Canvas question, but more focused.


Does anyone have a work-around or custom scripting that helps Zoom connect to Canvas? It matches by the email field, however, when SSO was enabled with our Zoom instance, it uses instead of (i.e. the human readable actual email) in the Email field.

Thusly - when Zoom connects to Canvas via LTI, it wants to use the Canvas Email field. Which for us is the format. Our SISID field for users is the however the Zoom LTI does not ask for that field to have a secondary matching for the user.


Any work-arounds? Zoom tech person told me today that:


If lis_person_contact_email_netid attribute is present the Zoom LTI uses that email instead of lis_person_contact_email_primary email.


If you can provide the lis_person_contact_email_netid attribute to Zoom we will use that.


From my understanding, the LTI (app) needs to ask for that, we can't push it...or replace it...can we?


Thanks for thoughts or solutions you may have found. We were told we are not the only ones with this dilemma.