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Create Assignments for Multiple Courses

Question asked by Eric Perkins on Nov 8, 2018
Latest reply on May 5, 2020 by Sophia Torres

Hello, my name is James Eric Perkins, I teach Band and Orchestra in Jordan School District.  I have various assignments that I want all six of my classes to do each grading period.  When I want to assign these assignments to my classes in Canvas, I create it in one class, then I have to go through some 6 steps PER CLASS do to the whole import process then add to the desired module.  This is a deterrent to me. In Google Classroom, when I do the same thing, I get a prompt early on in the creation process what classes to assign this to and it is just clicking those classes in a popup window and once I complete and assign it, that assignment automatically goes to all the classes.  I want that in Canvas.  Please make that a thing in Canvas.  I love everything about Canvas except this one thing.  It drives me crazy, and may push me back into the Google Classroom camp.  Feel free to contact me if this seems like incoherent ranting.  My email is  Help/Thank you!